Hilton Road Garage will continue to open for business following the recent announcement of a further period of lockdown. We will be offering all our usual car and van servicing and repairs, MOT tests and the supply and fitting of tyres. Our premises are operating in a Covid - Secure manner and screens and sanitiser are provided for the protection of you and our staff.

Vehicle Maintenance

Hilton Road Garage offer a huge range of service, maintenance and repair facilities for any make or model of car and van. Anything from supplying tyres or exhausts, MOT testing, diagnostic checks, to replacing clutches, brakes or even complete engine overhauls can be carried out in our well equipped workshop.

Manager Jeff Bedford has a vast knowledge and experience of all aspects of servicing and repairs, and is well known in the local area. Our team of techniciansis are highly skilled, most having spent a lot of years with a local Ford dealer , Volkswagen dealer and Renault dealer, though they can work on any make or model.

We offer main dealer levels of service without main dealer pricing, having your car serviced by us will still maintain your warranty and save you money.

Our approach is to provide a friendly, dependable service, the work will be carried out carefully and professionally, but we still have the "village garage" feel. You can talk to Jeff or even the technician who is working on your car and you will get genuine and honest treatment, all at a fair price.



    • Once a vehicle is three years old, a valid MOT is required by law. This MOT must be renewed every year. Driving without one could lead to a £1000 fine. At our workshop we have a team of experienced and well qualified testers ready to perform a fast and satisfactory service on any class 4,5 or 7 vehicle.

    Service, Maintenance and Repairs

    • With one of the best workshops in the North East filled with a well experienced and highly skilled team, backed by fantastic Bosch equipment, training and parts. We are more than ready to take on any servicing, maintenance and repair work you may require.


    • Having a tyre tread of under 1.6mm is illegal and you could be penalised with 3 points on your license. As well as a potential penalty, illegal tyres significantly increase the chances of an accident. Government figures estimate that illegal tyres are linked to thousands of casualties every year.

      Therefore it is very important to check tyre tread, especially on part worn tyres.

      Whilst a new tyre with typically have 8mm over 100% of the tread, a part worn tyre will often have between 2 to 3 mm across most of the tread, leaving very little time before the tyres become both illegal and unsafe.

      Research carried out by Birmingham Trading Standards found that 90% of part worn tyres bought were in fact illegal

    Braking Systems

    • Whilst brakes are checked every time your car is serviced and when it goes for its MOT Test, additional problems may arise.

      It is of course extremely unsafe to drive with faulty brakes and so if you feel any issues with your vehicles current braking system.

    Air Conditioning and Ragas

    • Maintaining comfortable air quality is second only to driving in safety, and there’s almost nothing worse than having no control over your vehicle’s Air Conditioning.

      Everything under the bonnet is tangible, but air quality and comfort is a little harder to put your finger on. You definitely notice it when it’s not there, but it’s not always an easy fix. Before the summer heat or the winter chill gets to you, make sure the inside of your vehicle is a safe place.

       Come see us before you experience an A/C breakdown. We carefully monitor and inspect your vehicle’s cooling system to make sure you’re in control of your cabin comfort. Our auto A/C repair services are complete and effective. When you come to our repair facility for A/C services, they’re done right the first time. Nothing is more annoying than finding out a repair shop has done a partial fix that only lasts a day or two.

      You can trust Hilton Road Garage with your air conditioner repairs because we have the skills, the equipment, and the qualified team to provide permanent solutions. We’ll have you up and running once again.

      We offer permanent fixes for your car air conditioner repair needs at affordable prices. We’re the preferred alternative to any dealer services in the Aycliffe area. As well as our industry-leading two year/24000 mile warranty we offer not only our expertise to solve automotive A/C malfunctions, including filter replacements, R1234YF, R134a refrigerant fluid refills and repairing refrigerant leaks. But also A/C Cleaner to eliminate odour producing bacteria and disinfects the vehicles internal vent system.


    • Problems with your exhaust may be difficult to see from the outside however if you notice that your car is getting more noisy it may be that your exhaust isn’t quite up to scratch.

      A faulty exhaust is not only dangerous to you, your friends and your family, but also the environment.

    Vehicle Diagnostics (IDS)

    • Most vehicles will alert you if there is an issue with your car through a warning light or fault code on your dashboard.

      However, a faulty vehicle may not alert you and if you feel your vehicle is not at the level it should be you are more than welcome to pop down.

      Diagnostic tests may appear to be a long and expensive procedure but here at Hilton Road we’ve invested into high quality diagnostic equipment, we can offer a reasonably cheap and quick test that will identify the problem as soon as possible.

      Once we’ve highlighted the issue our experienced team and fantastic facilities are more than capable of getting you back on the road as soon as possible


    • There is a wide range of factors that can cause a flat battery, such as taking short journeys often, cold weather, age and overuse.

      If your efforts to restart your car battery have been unsuccessful you may have more significant problem. Visit us today for a FREE battery check

    Petrol & Diesel

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